Monday, May 2, 2011

Tyler arm update May 2nd













Tyler is now getting used to his cast, and I think his arm is hurting much less.  He is using that arm to hold light things now, like a fork when he is eating, a book, and a shoe.  He is also now using the arm to balance in order to stand up. 


He is still afraid of the stairs.  He asks (yells) for help to go down.  He just wants his hand held.  Occasionally he will go down them by himself on his behind.  


Tyler had another doctors appointment today.  It was basically just more x-rays.  The break is healing well.  You can see right where is was on both bones, due to the bone being more dense and showing up whiter in the x-rays.  The bowing of the two bones is also healing itself very well.


He sat amazingly still through the x-rays, it was almost like he knew exactly what to do.  I guess that’s what happens when you have 3 in just over a week. 


The doctor said to come back in 2 more weeks and depending on the x-rays he may be able to get the cast off then. 


It is really amazing how quickly the human body heals itself.  Especially in young children.   

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