Friday, May 6, 2011

What Happens After Dinner?



The other night we had tacos for dinner.  We all had an enjoyable time discussing our day and more.  Then…..

As quick as it began, it was over, just like that.  I couldn’t help but feel “Wait, I wasn’t done”. 


Everybody had left the table and left me to clean up the mess.  Now this isn’t an everyday occurrence, but it happens enough that I wanted to address the situation with my family.   


Tommy and Emily left to go enjoy the weather when I went to snap this picture of my clean table!

The next night at dinner I presented my plan to my family. 

  • Nobody leaves the table until we are done with our conversations
  • Everyone has to clean up their dishes along with their jobs. – Clear off table – Load dishes – clean up kitchen (prep area) – Sweep under table area – Wipe off table – Help where needed
  • You have to help with a happy heart and attitude, otherwise no one will want to be around you and you will have to do it all yourself.
  • The discussions and fun CAN continue while cleaning up.


It really has been great for us, the family time and discussions last longer.  We are working as a team.  It doesn’t take 15 minutes for us all to do it together.  (When previously it could take an hour by myself.) 


And best of all I get to relax and enjoy the rest of the evening with the rest of them. 


The picture above is my table after!  YIPEE!



Also my children DO have household jobs and they help around the house often.  I am just loving this working together as a family.  I may incorporate this style of cleaning in more areas of our home. 

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mrsd said...

This just hits home. As my son gets older, I forget that he is able to do more to help and frequently find myself exhausted while he is pestering me to join him in another game of make-believe. That's when I cheerfully set a task for him and pretty soon, we're working together and finding more time to relax together!


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