Monday, May 30, 2011

Drawing to learn The Presidents.


Recently Timberdoodle asked me to review A Kid’s Guide To Drawing The Presidents Of The USA.  With both of my older children’s love of drawing, I just knew it would be perfect. 


These are a series of 42 books, one per President from George Washington to George W. Bush.


We received Ronald Reagan.  



Both Tommy and Emily learned about the 1980 Olympics and drew and Olympic Flag.   P1010637

Tommy wasn’t about to be done then.  He was enjoying this so much he then did The Challenger page.  He learned about the 1986 devastating events involving The Challenger and what happened to the space program after that.  The drawing to go along with that was more complicated than the flag.  It was the patch that the Challenger crew wore. 


Tommy chose to do his pictures smaller and do multiples on one page. 




Emily chose to do a full page drawing for each picture.



All these books take just simple drawing skills that are explained in the beginning.  Things like straight line and squiggly line, shading and shapes.  You just need a few art items that are generally found in every house, such as pencil, paper, eraser and a ruler.


There are many reasons to like these books. 

  • They are quick simple lessons, with one quick drawing each.  Your child could have a mini presidential portfolio in no time. 
  • If your child likes learn to draw books. 
  • If you are going to be teaching US history, or just learn the Presidents.
  • It is not your average lesson, a great way to switch things up.
  • If you just can’t pass up a good deal


The way I have been using this  book is I have just let the kids know that we have it and that it is available to them and to use it at their leisure. 

I have found both of them choosing it on their own.  My 6 year old has even seemed interested in it, and we are planning on reading some pages out loud this week and working on some drawings.


These 42 books normally cost $1060.50.  Timberdoodle is giving us amazing deal on these books, and they are now out of print!  (That means when these are gone, they are gone, act quick!)

Timberdoodle is selling ALL 42 books for $195.00

That is a savings of $865.50!!!

That is less than $5 a book!  And free shipping! 


If these are gone before you can get them, be sure to check out the other Art curriculum and History Curriculum that Timberdoodle offers. 


Timberdoodle has an extensive collection of educational materials.  They even offer a free catalog.  One of my favorite things is the way they package a complete curriculum kits for you at a discounted price.



{As a member of Timberdoodle's Blogger Review Team I received a free copy of this book in exchange for a frank and unbiased review.}

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