Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Little Kids Date Night



Tommy and Emily had plans with my mom to go to the Supercross show so Paul and I decided to take Katey and Tyler to the local fun center for a little kids date night.   We also brought my brother along, since we don’t get to see him very often, that’s who that strange guy in some of the pictures is. 


This was going to be Tyler’s first time going on any rides other than those quarter rides at the mall. So I wasn’t quite sure how he would take it. 


The first ride I took them on was the spinning hot air balloons.  Tyler was so chill.  Katey was screaming the whole time about how this was too much fun and she couldn’t handle this. 


Then we rode the “school bus” ride, that takes you up in the air and back down again around in a circle. 


Katey rode a roller coaster for her very first time.  She was barely tall enough, and boy was she excited. 


It was very hard to get pictures of her on it.


Then we played a round of miniature golf.  I think Katey took the game more seriously than the adults did.  


The merry go round was last on our list of things to do.

P1010442 P1010441P1010443 P1010445


I sure felt like we partied all night, and we still beat Tommy and Emily back to Grandma’s house.  The kids all slept in the next day, that’s for sure. 

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