Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yesterdays Classics

Can you imagine getting 225 books for under $100?    Are you thinking, “What an amazing deal, but I don’t have the bookshelf space in my house.”?   Well you are in luck.  Keep reading and you will see what I am talking about.  

Yesterday’s Classics  is a company that republishes and sales classic literature for children.  They specialize in books originally published from 1880-1920.  As you can imagine, most of these books are very hard to find.  If you did happen to find one in acceptable reading condition, I would imagine it would cost a pretty penny. 

Not only do they republish these books in paperback, they also publish them in Kindle format and E-Pub format (for other E-readers).

Many of these classic books are recommended by top curriculum companies. 

I received the E-Pub version.  It came in 13 zip files.  Which I downloaded very quickly (We have Fiber Optic DSL.)  I then unzipped them into a folder on my computer.  You can unzip them directly into iTunes or any E-Reader software  you have.  I then moved them into iTunes, in order to  put them on iBooks on my iPod. 

I downloaded a few books that I thought would interest my children onto each of my older children’s iPods.  I told them about it.  That day they began reading the books.  Emily told me how much she was loving the book.  She has a love for classics.  

If you are studying something specific, like Shakespeare, or Ancient Rome  you can go to the table of contents and find which books fit in that category.

If you are looking for a book for a specific age group there is an additional table of contents for that. 

Either way finding a book is simple. 
A little about me:

I am NOT a computer genius.  I have general basic computer knowledge.  I was very very nervous about these books.  I thought to myself, how am going to figure out this whole E-book thing?    I learned throughout this process how easy it is to put books on my iPod.  I would imagine that most E-readers would be just as easy.   

They give you a “Guide to Ereader Devices and Software”  You do not need an E-reader to use these books.  You can use your computer, laptop, netbook, iPod, Smartphone, Tablet, or any E-reader device.  You may need to download certain E-reader software in order to do this.  They explain how to do all of that.  

What if you have a Kindle and your kids have iPods? 

They are solving that problem too!  All you have to do is purchase one and email them, they will send you the other type of files. 

Do you want to see just how easy these are to download? 
dutch twins
They are giving you a free copy The Dutch Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins in both Kindle and E-pub files.  Just go to this link to get those.  You have to scroll a little way down to get to the free sample book.  The link also gives you so much information about this package.

What I think: 
I think that these books are a great deal.  Less than 50 cents a book!   I love that they don’t take up any physical room in my house.  I love that my kids want to read them; 1- because they are in the digital age, and it’s just cool to read a book on your iTouch, and 2- because they are great classic books.  I am able to download a book onto Tommy’s iPod and Emily’s iPod and they can each read the same book at the same time.   

Emily’s favorite books so far have been; Mother Stories, The Nursery Book of Bible Stories.
mother storiesnursery bible
Tommy’s favorite books so far have been, well Tommy doesn’t really love these, but he does enjoy reading them on his iPod.  I am going to download Ten Boys Who Lived on the Road From Long Ago to Now for him next time I plug his iTouch in.  I think he will enjoy this book.  (I may even start some type of family book club with some of these books.)
ten boys
Katey’s favorite books so far have been; Reading Literature-The Primer, The Kindergarten Gems and For The Children’s Hour.
kindergarten gemschildrens hourprimer
My favorite books so far have been; Just So Stories (I remember having this book when I was a child), Mother Stories and More Mother Stories.
just so storiesmore mother
We haven’t even used any of these books for History yet.  I have let them all just read these for fun.  As I plan our next years curriculum I will definitely be using these books to go along with that. 


You can buy each book individually in paperback.

You can get 225 books for $149.95 in either Kindle or E-Pub format. 

But wait, if you order between May 1, 2011 and May 31, 2011 they are on sale for $99.95. 

That’s 225 books for $99.95!!!  And they won’t take up any room in your house!

Others reviewed this as well check out this post to see what they had to say.
I am blessed to review many products for TOS Crew this product was one of those. 

{I received these books for free in order to write this review.  I have not or will not receive any compensation.  All opinions expressed herein are my own and your experience may differ.  I recommend when looking at purchasing any curriculum research and read multiple reviews.}


Wendy Kaye said...

Enjoyed your review. I love the picture of your family at the top of your blog!....I am a new follower on your blog, and I hope you'll come follow mine: http://homeschoolblogger.com/wendyfl/

Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

Great review - you made it so clear - I felt I was talking in excited circles. :) I am going to write an updated post next week of the books that the boys have enjoyed - we have liked Pond and Stream, we've been learning alot about dragonflys - fun stuff!

North Laurel said...

Nice review! I really like the cover images :) And somehow I've not been following your blog but am going to now :) Have a great day!


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