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Monki See Monki Doo



Monki See Monki Doo makes learning entertaining and fun with flashcards, DVD’s and books for babies. 


I received Baby’s First Words DVD and the Know Your Monkey Book.


The DVD is about 30  minutes long.  It has a cast of humans, puppets, and live animals.  There is also a slideshow section and a parents section.  

The movie part of it shows a word and then many types of that word.  For example; Hair comes up then shows a horse puppet getting his hair combed by a zebra puppet along with a poem and then shows a girl combing her hair and then shows a hairy monkey.  The video is full of songs, and poems, music and nice pictures. 

monkisee dvd

The slideshow section is a condensed version of the show. With the words and pictures being shown faster.  It does not show every picture that the video shows.   There is also no poems or songs to go along with this section.


The parents section is a message from the creator about why she created this program and how to use it. 


My thoughts:

The DVD did hold Tyler’s attention the entire time.  Emily even caught on to the theme song and when she would walk around the house singing it, Tyler would get excited and look at the TV to see if it was on.   Tyler already knew some body parts, like nose, eyes, ears, toes, belly, elbow, etc.   There are also other words on this DVD such as pacifier, diaper, mommy, daddy, girl, boy, kiss, horse, dog, and monkey of course.  


The book is fun and perfect for his age (22 months).  He does recognize that it goes along with the movie.  He will go grab the book and walk around saying book-a, book-a, book-a, until someone reads the book to him.  It is so dang cute! 



I can’t say he is reading the words yet, we have only had it a short while.  I can’t say if this will teach him to read, but what I can say is that he loves it.  I do think that it is teaching him more words.  He has started talking more since watching it, that could be age or the exposure to the words so often.  It works great to calm him down at bedtime.  Except he does have to get up and dance at the theme song.  


This really reminds me of digital flashcards in movie form.





My children’s thoughts:

Tyler loves this video, we have added it into our daily routine and he does not let me forget it.  Every night he takes a bath, we watch the video, read the book and then go into our other bedtime books.  (Tyler  stays up later than the other children, and gets up later too, that works for us)  He really enjoys this video as far as our spending time together.  He asks to watch it more than I will allow him too.    The book we read over and over and over.  I think that he really enjoys having a special book of his own. 




The DVD’s cost $19.95 

The books are $9.95

The flashcards are $16.95

They also have a reading kit bundle that includes

3 - MonkiSee DVDs
5 - sets of MonkiSee oversize flash cards
1 - A Guide to Teaching Babies to Read DVD
2 - MemoFlix Video Flash Cards DVDs Volume 1 & 2 which includes 80 categories and over 800 words and pictures and the Whole Word Phonics A B C.
2 - MonkiSee Books
Ages 3 months - 4 years
**Free Bonus** We will send you a link to download the Memoflix MP4 Files for mobile phones so you can teach your baby to read anywhere you go.

Price: $139.95
Retail: $265.35
You Save: $125.40

Here is a quiz from their website.

Take this quick quiz to see if MonkiSee™ is right for you

- Is your baby very alert and enjoys stimulation?

- Does your baby enjoy listening to music and poetry?

- Does your baby get excited to learn new things?

- Do you enjoy seeing your baby reach new milestones in their development?

- Do you enjoy talking to your baby and teaching them new things?

- Do you want to encourage a love of reading in your child?

- Are you are looking for an enjoyable way to teach your baby?

- Do you want to spend quality time with your baby?

- Do you want great materials to stimulate your baby’s intellect?

- Do you want to offer your child the world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, Monki See TM may be a perfect fit for you and your baby.

MonkiSee MonkiDoo  Contact information.


Intellectual Baby, LLC
5401 South Kirkman Road
Suite 310
Orlando, FL  32819

Toll Free:  1-877-505-5079


Others reviewed this as well check out this post to see what they had to say.


I am blessed to review many products for TOS Crew this product was one of those. 


{I received MonkiSee for free in order to write this review.  I have not or will not receive any compensation.  All opinions expressed herein are my own and your experience may differ.  I recommend when looking at purchasing any curriculum research and read multiple reviews.}

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