Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Katey can read!!!!


Actually, she has been reading for a while.  I am so proud of her.  It has taken us a while to get here, and there was a point when I thought she wasn’t learning as quickly my older kids did.  I couldn’t figure out where I was going wrong.  So I enrolled her in public school.  She was in enrolled for a month, and I noticed her reading getting worse!  She was also much more stressed out and she began having night terrors.  I decided to bring her back home.  We did a review of letters using Explode the Code, and All About Reading, I purchased The Letter Factory, she watched it almost daily and we used good old Hooked On Phonics. 


She passed off Level 1 of Hooked On Phonics in about 2 months. 


These are all the books she can read!  There is even a chapter book!  She is extremely proud of herself. 


We even had an “I Can Read Party” to celebrate!  We had Monkey Bread and Ice Cream.  It was all very exciting. 



We are moving on to Level 2, and we are also adding it Hooked On Math Level 1, which she is sailing right through. 


I am also working with her on realizing that she can read more than the small HOP books.  I have been working with her on sounding out words everywhere we go, the store, restaurants, driving down the road, even around the house.    She is very proud of herself, I just don’t think she realizes her full potential.  She things the HOP books are all she knows how to read. 


She has also been interested in writing her own short stories and then reading them. 

The 3 she has written so far are titled:

King Bird

Cats and Dogs

Mom has a Cat


She loves to read these books to Tyler.



I love having be the one that taught her to read!  That was/is very important to me with all my children. 

I am so glad that I homeschool her.  It is so amazing to see how much she is learning. 


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