Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mad Dog Math


Did that get your attention?


Well let me start off by saying it has nothing to do with mad dogs, but it does have to do with dogs, actually very cute ones. 


Mad Dog Math is a software download that uses dogs to get children excited about math facts. 


There are a lot of programs out there that drill on multiplication.  What sets this program apart is that is has addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  You set the level, and you work to earn cute hand drawn doggie virtual stickers.   You compete against set time limits ranging from 2 minutes to 30 seconds. 


Each level gives out 3 club stickers, the 2 minute club, the 1 minute club and the 30 second club.  There is also an unlimited time option, with no virtual reward.


Here is a break down of the levels:

Level 1 – addition and subtraction in groups such as 0-3, 2-5 and so on.  20 problems

Level 2- addition and subtraction in larger groups such as 0-6, 7-9 and so on.  20 problems.

Level 3- Multiplication and Division in fact families and in then heads into groups, when you have done each fact family individually from 0-4 then you will do the group 0-4.  24 problems.

The Challenge Level- Which is even a challenge for me.

Mutt Math- A mix of all math facts, addition,        subtraction, multiplication and division.  24 problems. 


Kennel Trouble- Two step math problems- here you get 3 minutes to complete a graph of problems.    For example you would add, then multiply by 9.  Or divide, then subtract, any 2 step combination of the four. 


Emily loves dogs. Emily loves math drills.  Emily loves competition. Emily loves Mad Dog Math.  This has been fun for our family. 


Katey likes dogs.  Katey loves schoolwork on the computer.  Katey loves virtual rewards.  Katey loves Mad Dog MathKatey really likes it that it has addition and subtraction which is all she can do right now


Tommy doesn’t really like dogs, and he definitely doesn’t like math drills, and he occasionally struggles with competition.  With all that being said, I let him know he had access to this program, but that I wasn’t going to require him to use it.  He was drilled on his math facts verbally when he was learning them.  He tried it once, and hasn’t been back. 


You can choose English or Spanish for the language. 


I am NOT able to view my child’s progress unless I log in as them. Even though that is not hard.   I wish there were a parents screen or something. 


Mad Dog Math is an instant download available for $19.99 for a one year home license.  For $39.99 you can get a license forever!


They have other pricing options here.  Along with the software they sell instructional systems, flash cards, certificate and a timer. 


Others reviewed this as well, check out this post to see what they had to say.


I am blessed to review many products for TOS Crew this product was one of those. 


{I have not or will not receive any compensation for this review.  All opinions expressed herein are my own and your experience may differ.}

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