Friday, May 20, 2011

Tot School Set up.

I have mentioned that I wanted to have a more organized school time for Tot School. 

I like to follow Tyler’s lead but I wanted to present activities for him to choose from as well.  This is my current version of Tot Trays.  The reason why I say current is because I am not so sure if this is working for us.  It really is not in a convenient place for me.  It will stay this way or similar to this until I can get a shelf and some Tot Trays. 
I set up 5 baskets that I had in storage, each basket has a different activity.  Some he can do alone, or together.  For example he can color alone, but really enjoys me coloring with him.  We do a few things each day together and then he chooses to continue to do some alone while I am working on other things.
What’s in each basket? 
1- Clothes pins, we were doing a drop in the basket game.  These only lasted two days, as he pinched his fingers twice with them.  I will bring them back out when he is older.
2- Tupperware dish with a small hole and some pom-poms.  He has to put each pom-pom into the dish one at a time.  We sort and pattern them as we dump them out.  (If Tyler gets them out and doesn’t want to pick them up, Tommy and Emily love picking them up too.)
3- Melissa and Doug Food Cutting set- One of his favorite things.
4- A color/shape matching game that I just homemade in Publisher.
5-A Snoopy coloring book and crayons.

We do not usually do these boxes in order and there are some days when he doesn’t want to do them all, and that’s OK! 

I also set him up a table that I had in storage for his own little school desk.   Katey loves doing her school at this table as well.  I also let the little kids have snack time at this table, but for dinner we all have to sit at the kitchen table for family time. 
Tot school has really been working!   I do think that he realizes he has special time with me each day, and so do the other kids.  He was so tired one day that he laid himself down for an early nap on the couch.

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