Sunday, May 22, 2011

Why do I blog?



Recently I have been contemplating why do I blog?

There are many reasons, really.  Here are some in no particular order.


  • For the memories-  I am planning on making my blog into a keepsake book.


  • To let people close to me keep up on our life


  • For the reviews-  I love love love reviewing items and letting people know how I view things.


  • It gives me a voice.  I am able to speak my mind and share my feelings, kinda like a journal.  I can express myself here. 


  • I have made new friends.


  • I kinda hope I inspire someone out there.  People need to know they are not alone, right?  That there are other likeminded individuals out there.


  • It keeps me accountable.  I can use it as documentation of our homeschooling journey.



Now I have set some blogging goals for myself.  I however blog for fun and would really like to keep it that way, so if at any time while I am trying to reach these goals blogging becomes not fun I will lay off. 


  • Blog Daily-  I have been doing great at that
  • Blog more about my older children and where they are in life.
  • Blog more about our schooling, maybe even join the weekly link up at Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers on a more regular basis.
  • Be braver at expressing my true self and feelings through my blog.  This blog is who I am, but sometimes I notice that I then to hide things I may not be proud of.  (A big laundry pile for example.)
  • Take more pictures of my family.


I would also really like to get some photo editing software.  I am leaning toward Adobe Elements.  If you have any suggestions of ones you have used.  Please leave me a comment about it and why you like it or don’t. 

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