Thursday, May 12, 2011

Crafts for older kids.

When we moved one of Emily’s friends gave her a very cute flower hair clip, made out of Duck Tape. 

I have finally got around to researching some projects. 

On the Duck Tape website there is a whole bunch of Ducktivities to choose from. 
Emily chose to do a rose.  It was a fairly easy project. 
Tommy made a wallet.

Here they are with their finished projects.
Emily attached her flower to a pencil. 
Tommy and his wallet.  (He is also doing my favorite thing with the tape, just kidding)

1 comment:

kewkew said...

I've heard of a wallet from Duck Tape before but never a rose. They both did a great job. Thanks for sharing the link. Would you be interested in linking this up to our Show Off Your Crafty Side blog hop?


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